John 20:19-31

In the disciples minds, Jesus was dead and buried and all of their hopes, and plans died with Him.  They were gathered together, full of fear, worrying themselves sick about what they didn’t know and believing that death was the final end.  Even though Jesus had told them over and over again that what was happening was going to happen and that He would be resurrected, they just couldn’t see it.  There lives were thrown into chaos and peace was the last thing on their minds.  We understand this kind of feeling because we have all experienced those times in life when all our hopes, and dreams, and plans are changed because of some unforeseeable event like death, disease, loss of a job, a relationship ending, and the list goes on.  But as Jesus will tell them is His “after words” there is hope, there is a plan, there is a future and there is peace.   

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