Romans 13:1-14

As chapter 12 of the book of Romans began, we learned that our “spiritual act of worship” is offering ourselves as “living sacrifices”. He then goes on to describe, in a practical ways, how this can be accomplished. First we were told that our God given gifts are to be used in the service of all to the glory of God. We recognize that all acts of mercy are a reflection of the mercy God gives us, being energized by the Spirit of love. The key to the next section was found in the statement that “love must be sincere”. The kind of love he talks about reflects back to the cross. Love is the freedom to serve “one another” without interest in personal gain. Not how my choices will affect me but how they will affect others. As we will learn in this next sermon in the series, we are not only to show the light of Christ to “one another” but also to those in the world around us.

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