Five Minute Focus: Focus

Have you ever gone bowling with a rowdy group of friends who try to distract you right before you throw the ball? They might tease you, or touch the ball–just so that you can pitch it right in the gutter and get a bad score. This is a friendly example, but there are many occasions in our lives when others attempt to throw us off or put us down. They might hurl insults, tell us we are not good enough, maybe you have gotten to the point where you are even telling that to yourself. Isaiah 26:3 says that you will keep in perfect peace, those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You. Take five minutes today to shift your thoughts to the image of Christ, hold his likeness in your mind, focus on Him. Don’t allow others to pull you away from Him, don’t hurt because of others’ harsh words. Remember that Jesus loves you unconditionally, focus on that today and seek His peace.

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