Five Minute Focus: Giving Motives

I just finished reading the story of Boaz, Ruth, and Naomi, and there are many great concepts in their story for us to think about. Ruth always seems to get the most attention out of all involved, but today I want to focus on Boaz’s heart. Boaz was a man of means and had much wealth–especially in his fields. He was a hands-on sort of man, not sitting in an office directing his affairs from afar. When Boaz was in his field, he saw Ruth, even though she was family, he extended assistance to her. There were no questions asked and Boaz didn’t seek glorification for his actions. He even told his work man to throw extra barley pieces on the ground just to make sure that she would have enough. Many times we can get so caught up in making money or being successful, that we forget that God has bestowed these great gifts upon us–not so that we can keep them to ourselves, but to give to others. Boaz wasn’t looking to gain anything or benefit in any way when he helped Ruth. So, let me ask you two questions today: how are you using what God has given you to help others and are your motives for giving aligned with Christ or the world? Take five minutes to reflect on your ‘giving life,’ does it look like Boaz’s?

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