Five Minute Focus: Heavenly Father

I’m getting my first dose of parenting–well–with being ‘mom’ to three exchange students in their early twenties that stay with me in my house. There isn’t too much of an age difference between us, but as we go through life’s events together, there are moments when I am proud of their accomplishments, where I give them important life advice, and would sincerely sacrifice whatever needed to ensure their safety. In reflecting on my instincts to parent these young women, I have come to realize that these sentiments are exactly what our heavenly Father feels towards us as His children. He rejoices when we turn to Him for His counsel, is proud of us when we accomplish a gain for His kingdom, and has already sacrificed His one and only Son so that we may have an eternal life and relationship with Him. Take five minutes today to focus on God as your heavenly Father who cares and loves you more than you are capable of loving and caring for your own children. In knowing that, how can your relationship with your heavenly Father grow deeper today?

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