Five Minute Focus: Hot Water

Well, my water heater decided to leak and flood my basement over the weekend. The plumber still hasn’t come to fix it, so therefore, I have to turn the water to the house on and off to get what I need in order to avoid making the problem worse. As I explained what was happening to my three exchange students, their eyes became large with fear, "How will we brush our teeth and wash off our make up" one of them exclaimed. Another asked, "How will we take a hot shower?" After laughing a bit at their state of shock, I simply said, we will make it work. And work we have had to do: heating pots of water on the stove in order to do dishes, hauling out tubs full of water from the basement, and driving to my parent’s house for a nice warm shower. Even though we haven’t quite solved the problem, it’s been made obvious to my girls and I how much we take for granted. When we are in our comfort zones, oftentimes we forget or don’t thank God enough for the simple, wonderful things like hot water. Take five minutes today to just focus on thanking God for the blessings He has given you, both big and small.

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