Five Minute Focus: Learning from Man’s Best Friend

Whenever I come home from a long day of work, I look to one of the windows in my house and see an excited, smiling face peering out at me. My dog, Mattie, is always there waiting in great anticipation for my return. Once I am home, she never leaves my side and is always looking to please or gain affection. In thinking about Mattie’s mannerisms, we can reflect on our relationship with Christ. Are we excitedly anticipating His return? Are we constantly longing for His presence, seeking His love for us? Whenever I leave for work in the morning, or even go out to the mailbox, Mattie becomes overwhelming sad to be separated from her care taker. Her eyes become downcast and her little ears droop, as she wants nothing to do with being apart from me. Mattie’s devotion to me makes me love and appreciate her as my furry companion. Jesus calls for this same love, longing, attachment, and commitment from us, as His followers. Take five minutes today to focus on your devotion to Christ. Does your heart long for Him?

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