Five Minute Focus: Looking Towards the Future

On my way to work the other day, I was listening to radio programming about human trafficking. It got me thinking about an article I read last summer about the FBI rescuing over 3600 children from sex trafficking over an 8 week period. I remembered that the majority of those children were not even reported missing. Psalms 127: 3 says that children are a heritage from the Lord—they are the future. It’s my experience that many adults oftentimes avoid relationship building younger generations and then wonder why the world continues to spiral downward deeper into sin. Maybe you think that you aren’t up to date enough to connect with a teen, or perhaps we will take out our cell phones and ignore you. As a 26 year old (to some of you, still technically young 🙂 ), I can assure you that we long to connect with you—we hope that you will share your wisdom and experiences with us. So, I encourage you to take five minutes today and pray for young people all over the world. Pray for the young generations both in and out of our church, and to think about a young person that you can attempt connect with. The bible says we should train up a child in the way he should go, the future of the church depends on us caring for the next generation. For who will continue to share Christ when we are gone?

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