Five Minute Focus: Running Away

Finally, my cat succeeded to squirt between my feet and run out into the freedom of the world beyond the house. All last week she was bound and determined to get out and finally succeeded. In her days being ‘trapped’ inside, she would stare with such longing out the window, wanting to be a part of what was happening in the world beyond the glass. She got a rude awakening. Rain and cold filled her day, traffic roared down the main road, and there were other vicious animals out there. Later on that night, I heard her desperately calling from the back porch. When I opened the door, she rushed in, and curled right up to me, as if she was apologizing for what she had done. Sometimes we get tempted to run away, things seem better on the other side, more adventurous, but my friends, remember that without God, life is a muck and mire of devastation and fear. Take five minutes today to come back to the Lord. Allow Him to care for you and to help get your temptations under control. He loves you and provides for you always. No matter how we sin, He is waiting to receive you back into His arms.

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