Five Minute Focus: Sin

I wasn’t paying attention the other day when I was in my garden, and of course, stepped on a huge thistle with my bare foot. Days later, I’m still in pain and trying to locate the clear thorns that have lodged themselves in my foot. I keep thinking to myself, ‘how in the world can something so small cause so much pain and tenderness!?!’ In many ways, sin can be like the thorns in the bottom of our feet. We label it as small and insignificant, perhaps even try to ignore it, but as it is neglected, it can fester and cause great suffering. The only way to get it out is to dig at it, which of course hurts, but in the end you have been released from a vicious cycle of hurt. Perhaps there have been some sins that you have been neglecting or avoiding to address with God, that are either starting to or are inhibiting your life? Take five minutes today to seek God wholeheartedly with the mindset of asking Him to start a forgiveness process. It might be a little raw and sore at first, but God has a plan for your life and doesn’t want to see you walking through it crippled and in pain due to sin.

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