Five Minute Focus: Who’s On First?

I really love the game of softball–I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s because I get to spend time playing with a group of people that I enjoy being around. I usually sign up for the church league softball team every summer, but this year I’m taking a break for a while. While cleaning in my house, I found the new glove I bought last year and I started thinking about last season. While there were many good times to be shared, there were moments when my team or another team became frustrated, angry, or even prideful in the game. I recall one friend telling me that his team was in danger of being expelled from the league almost every year due to poor sportsmanship. In the broader scope of things, when we let the events of a game or any emotional situation overrule how God has commanded us to act towards others–we need to take a step back and determine who is really first in our lives. Is it us and our emotions or God? Take five minutes today to think about areas in your life where you are allowing your emotions to overrule your relationship with Christ and your decision making process. Many of these areas surpass the competitive nature of a ball game, for example, rage when another driver cuts you off on the highway, a long-held grudge against another person, or disappointment in a failed expectation. No matter the emotion–remember that God is greater than what you are feeling and wants to help you overcome it.

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