Five Minute Focus: Yearbook Christians

Remember that golden time during the school year when we each received a fresh-off-the-press yearbook? What was the first thing we would do—flip through all of the pages and find pictures of ourselves, right? Sometimes, we would get to the back cover feeling pretty satisfied that we were represented thoroughly or disappointed by the ugly portrait in our class section. Either way, it was all about us. Sometimes when Christians read the bible or participate in church activities, they come with a yearbook Christian mentality: how can this serve my purpose or be about me? While the Bible offers many areas of comfort and guidance geared to us in different moments in our lives, it is ultimately about illustrating the glory and grace of God, first and foremost. Take five minutes to focus on your relationship with Christ; are you treating it as a ‘what can God do for me’ or ‘what you can get out of it’ type of circumstance? For some insight on the matter, read Luke 9: 23-26. God calls us to get our noses out of the latest yearbook, and deny ourselves daily so that we can pick up our crosses and follow Him.

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