God and Me on a Harley June 12th

Well it has been six days since my last post.  In case you are wondering what happened with the problems I was having with the bike, it turned out to be a bad starter switch and bad plugs.  Everything is good now, the bike starts and is running great.  Our visit in the Phoenix area with family and friends was good, except for the extreme heat.  

Linda and I left the Phoenix area at 0 dark thirty on Monday to beat the heat and the traffic, which we did.  The ride north was filled with God’s beauty, the bike was running great and life was good.  We made it to Flagstaff without a hitch, got on highway 89 north toward Page Arizona and then (dramatic pause) the rack that holds the trunk on the motorcycle broke.  We spent the next three hours trying to figure out what to do.  The nearest Harley dealer did not have the part we needed and he would have to have one shipped in.  He could make no promises and if we waited it could mean staying in Flagstaff up to two days. We reviewed our options and decided to rent a car to carry our luggage and Linda, while I drove the bike.  A nice lady named Cindy (our angel) gave Linda and our luggage a ride to the airport to rent a car.  Well, actually just Linda rented a car the luggage rode with her. We got a car, after some negotiations, because no one really wanted to rent us a car going only one way.  But the young man at the Avis counter was able to work it out so we could have a car without having to take out a loan.  I used bungee cords to keep the trunk from falling off the bike and we took off.  The ride yesterday from Kanab, UT to Salt Lake was absolutely awesome.  God really out did Himself, when He created this part of the world.  If you get a chance, drive highway 89 north out of Kanab, through Bryce Canyon.  You will not regret it.  We arrived in Salt Lake on Tuesday the 11th.  We got to the Salt Lake area yesterday afternoon.  The Harley dealer had the part I needed and they worked me in right away so the bike is travel worthy once again.  We will be spending a few days with family here in the Salt Lake area until Saturday, when we will be heading to Colorado Springs, CO.  

Most of my thoughts and a lot of Linda’s and my conversation has been on what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ.  And as so what is our purpose as disciples and how it should be manifested in the life of believers.  Keep us in your prayers that our travels will be without trouble and that God will show us what it is we are to be doing with the rest of our lives here on earth. 

One last note before I sign off.  When I was describing all the troubles I have encountered on my journey with my son-in-law Bill, he said, “Well Papa, it is your 40 days in the desert.”  I am adding this because he gave me permission to quote him.  

God loves you and so do we, Dana and Linda 


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