God and Me on a Harley June 18th

Linda and I are now in Monument, CO visiting with friends.  We have seen some extremely awesome country as we have gone on our way.  I told Linda that if I ever do something like this again I am going to get a helmet cam so that I can show others what I have seen.  The past week has gone extremely well, the travel has been good.  The only challenges have been strong cross winds in Wyoming (40+ mph cross winds) and getting caught in the rain during the last 5 miles of our trip yesterday.  

We worshiped with the Green River church of Christ in Green River, WY this past Lord’s Day.  The adult Bible class was excellent as was the rest of worship that morning.  The folks there made us feel welcome and the fellowship time was great and we left edified. 

Linda and I are celebrating our anniversary today and then Linda will be flying home tomorrow out of Denver.  After she leaves I will continue my journey north to the Black Hills area.  

God Loves You and So Do We, Dana and Linda 

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