God and Me on a Harley June 1st

My travel day was the best ever. No rain!  The ride was everything I had hoped every day would be like.  Great conditions with God’s wonderful creation all around me.  Met some nice people along the way and made it to Globe, AZ.  I am staying with some good friends for a couple of days and will be worshiping with the church in Miami, AZ that I used to serve.

As I may or may not have mentioned, I have been reading the red letter words in the gospels.  The challenge is not to look or think about the context (difficult for me to do) and just listen to what Jesus has to say.  I had read through the sermon on the mount Thursday night, would wake up in the night and think about it some more to the point where I had to get up and read it again and again.  The thing that really became evident to me anyway, is that Jesus wasn’t giving them or us anything new but wanting them and us to think about things from a different perspective.

As disciples of Christ, we are to know the words of God, but it isn’t enough to know them but to do them and it isn’t enough to do them but to do them with the right attitude.  The people Jesus was talking to knew the rights, rituals and the rules but they left out the relationship part. They and we need to change our perspective and ask ourselves this question.  Are we part of a religion of rights, rituals, and rules or people who are in a loving relationship with the God of the universe who’s love has no bounds and who’s grace is sufficient for all things?  We do what God wants us to do because we are so grateful for the salvation we enjoy through our faith in Christ that all we want to do is glorify Him in every thing we do and say.

Father,  Thank you for another day to serve, honor and glorify you.  May our hearts, minds, ears and eyes be open to any and every opportunity you present to us to glorify you.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen

God loves you and so do I, Dana

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