God and Me on a Harley, the Epilogue

I left Belle Fourche late on the morning of the 21st because of storms.  My original plan was to head north on highway 85 to I-94 and stay the night in Bismarck, ND but changed my route to stay under the storms and stayed in Mitchell, SD instead.  When I left Belle Fourche it was still raining, but the worst of the storms had moved north.  I was fighting high winds most of the way but other than that the ride that day was uneventful.  

Saturday morning I headed north to stay with some friends in Pelham, Mn.  Along the way, I noticed that there was something wrong with the bike.  I stopped along the way to find that a nut had fallen off the bolt that holds the exhaust on the rear cylinder.  I made it to my friends house and we tried to find a nut that would work, but was unsuccessful.  I had purchased a nut that should have worked but there wasn’t enough room to put it on, so I wound up staying there an extra day.  Monday morning I drove to the Harley dealer in Alexandria, Mn.  A mechanic was aware of the problem, fixed me up, only charging me for the new nut ($1.06) and I went on my way making it to the Twin City area by early afternoon.  I spent the next couple of days there visiting with friends and family, making it back home on Wednesday the 29th.  It was good to be home and I got busy catching up with things in my ministry.  The only other negative is that at some point while I was gone, someone broke into my shop and stole a bunch of stuff.  Oh yeah, the brakes went out on my truck as well.  

Since being back, a lot of people have asked me, “Did you accomplish what you set out to do?”  or “How was the trip?”  My answer has been fairly consistent to both questions and that there were some challenges along the way but overall the trip was good.  As far as being “renewed, refreshed and rested”,  I think so.  The thing I was looking for most was direction from God as to what I should be doing with whatever time I have left, whether it be a year or 30 years.  What I learned is this; that no matter what trials a person may face on “The Way”, if we are living for Him and trust Him and give Him glory in all circumstances, we will get through.  My vision for trip was that everyday would be a good day, perfect weather, the wind at my back, no mechanical problems, etc… but if you have been reading my blog you know that wasn’t the case.  Everything that could have gone wrong, did, but I made it through, and I believe I am a better disciple having gone through the trials rather than if everything had gone my way.   I know this is all sounding kind of negative, as if nothing went right on the trip, but good things did happen as well.  I got to spend time with people I love; I got to minister to a lot of people along the way and I did get to spend quality time with God and His Word.  Linda and I are really excited about how God will use us here in Tomah as He is already doing great things and we can’t wait to see what He’ll do next.  

God Loves You and So Do We 


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