Romans 11:25-12:2

We like boxes.  We have moving boxes that we can neatly pack our things and put labels on.  We have boxes to put our lunch in and boxes to wrap gifts in.  We use boxes to organize our files and boxes to organize our stuff on shelves.  Boxes give us a sense of order and control.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  If we have it in a box and it’s labeled we know exactly what we’ve got and where it is.  If someone comes along and starts taking things out of our boxes we begin to feel out of control.  So we quickly work at getting everything back into the right box.  And it can make us feel very uncomfortable if someone else isn’t putting their stuff in all the right boxes. 

 We want to have things under control, to have a sense of predictability, and so we even try to put God in a box.  I think folks like the idea of winding the little handle and out pops the god of their own creation. We create boxes in our minds of what God can and can not do.  We want to know that we can predict what he might do next.  The problem is that the god in the box doesn’t look anything like the God who lives outside of our box.  We end up worshiping the god of our own creation instead of the God who created us. We rob ourselves of the wonderment of serving and worshiping a God that is beyond anything we could ever imagine.  We never know what it is like to give up being the god of our own lives and to let an uncontainable God have free reign in our hearts.  In this sermon, we see what the apostle Paul has to say about trying to put God in a box.

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