I Timothy 4:6-16

The Christian walk is not always easy. It seems like the more we walk by faith the greater the obstacles to overcome. As Peter said, “Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” (2 Peter 5:8) As Paul instructed Timothy, it is imperative for us to, “discipline (train) yourself for the purpose of godliness.” It’s easy for us to be “good Christians” when we are sitting on our padded pews, surrounded by fellow believers, shut off from the outside world in our air conditioned church buildings. But, as disciples of Christ, we are to be engaging the world not seeking to escape it. Spiritual fitness is necessary for us to be turning the world upside down as the first century church did. If spiritual disciplines are the exercises by which faith and life are reintegrated to produce our wholeness with and in God, they cannot be optional. Spiritual discipline is the heart of spiritual transformation, and spiritual disciplines are the cardiovascular exercises that make transformation possible and our spiritual lives healthy ones. If you are content with keeping your Christianity a spectator sport, then you will probably not want to listen to this sermon. But it you are ready to make a difference in the world around you and start living your faith then maybe this is the sermon you should be listening to.  

Note:  I began this sermon by showing a clip from the movie “Facing the Giants”.  You can find it by going to youtube and typing in facing the giants death crawl.  

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