Welcome back to Facebook Tomah Church of Christ!!

Hello everyone, this is the webmaster here.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve my church community by being able to tinker with our website and Facebook pages.  I am not a master programmer but am usually someone that can get the job done, especially after a few cups of coffee and a few prayers.  Setting up a basic webpage is relatively easy, but can get complicated when you want to change or add features that are not built in to the webpage building software.  🙂

I recently noticed that our posts were not being posted to our church Facebook page.  There was a new way that the software we use to post blogs links up between my admin roles on our Facebook and  our website, and as I am pretty diligent at keeping my passwords and Facebook settings secure, I changed some of my local settings and that caused the feature to disable the way it links up.  I found that the reason, I still saw posts being shared was because Dana and a few others had been sharing the posts from the webpage directly to their personal Facebook pages, so I never caught it until now.

This may seem Greek as to how this all works, and believe me, sometimes it is, but I was able to notice and figure this out, and I assure will keep a closer eye on this.

To make up for this, I am going to have 10 day catchup.  1 Day for each of the 10 sermons that did not migrate over to our Facebook automatically.  I am going to start posting these sermons starting on the evening of 14th of January and only post them during the week.  I will make the first comment in them “The Missing Sermons”, and then the date they wee originally posted.  I am hoping to get Dana’s sermons out there for the world to see and hear!

I am blessed to seve you.

Thank you!!

Jeremy Bork

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