Have you ever asked yourself, “What was God thinking?”  I mean, really, He goes through all the effort of creation, doing it all for you and me and we respond by constantly making choices that disappoint Him.  

In chapter one of The Story we are introduced to God’s story.  All good stories need a beginning and an end, places for the story to be played out and characters to drive the story along.  God creates all of that in chapter one and establishes for us the main story.  The main story is that God WANTS to have a relationship with you and is WILLING to do so at great cost to Himself.  

In the adult Bible class yesterday, Al asked us the question, “Did God know that man would sin?”  Well, according to 1 Peter 1:20-21 He did.  So that brings us back to the question, “What was God thinking?”  If He knew that His creation would use their ability to choose to make bad choices, why did He bother. Why didn’t He just say, “They’re going to blow it anyway, so I might as well just forget it.  Who needs all the disappointment and aggravation?”  I mean, if I could have known then what I know now a lot of my choices would have been different, but then again, would they really?  

When I look back on my life and choices I have made that I now regret, I also have to acknowledge that I would most likely not be in the place  I am now if I had not made them.  I may not have come to know God, or to be saved through faith in His Son.  I would not have met those who ministered to me in my times of need or been able to minister to those God has placed in my path.

So, what was God thinking?  I believe that, even though He knew there would be those who would make choices that would lead them down paths away from Him, He also knew there would be those who would choose Him.  We may not see it, but He does.  As we continue in God’s story, we will see that even though we may stray, He will do everything possible to get us back, seeing us as worth the cost.  So, maybe that is what God was thinking.  

God loves you and so do I, Dana 

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