Has your phone ever rung and after checking the caller ID you decided not to answer. Maybe you were on another call or were busy doing something else. Or maybe you knew that the person was going to ask you to do something you really didn’t want to do or wants to talk about something you really don’t want to talk about. 

In chapter two of The Story, a fellow named Abram gets a call from God that he answers on the first ring. He didn’t check the caller ID, he didn’t debate with himself as to if he should answer the call or not, or if he would be inconvenienced in any way, he just did. Abram was told by God to leave everything he knew and to make a drastic change in his life. He wasn’t privy to everything God had planned or how Abram’s moving to a place he had no knowledge of was going to be of benefit to God, himself or anyone else, but he went anyway. God called and Abram responded in faith, because he trusted God to keep His promises. 

As Christians, we may refer to ourselves as “people of faith” but truth be told, when God calls, we check the caller ID, decide were too busy and ignore the call. Oh, we check the voice mail and we plan to get back to Him when we have the time, but too often the time never comes. There is always something else to do, somewhere else to go, something we have deemed to be more important. Of course there are the times we call back because we want to do what He wants us to do but then we try to reason with God or get some assurances that if we do what He is asking that He’ll have our backs. Abram never did any of that. When God called, Abram answered. God said “leave” and he left. 

From the beginning it has been God’s vision in creation to be with us. When Adam and Eve broke that relationship when they chose to disbelieve God’s word, God didn’t give up on us.  What He did was to put into place a plan through which you and I can be restored and again be with Him. For this relationship to be restored it requires “people of faith” to answer His call.

When God calls are you going to answer or let it go to voice mail?



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