God and Me on a Harley June 4

I had a great couple of days in the Globe/Miami area.  I was able to reconnect with a lot of old (referring to how long I’ve known them; not necessarily referring to their age) and dear friends.  I worshiped with the church in Miami where I used to serve and enjoyed a time of fellowship that afternoon at a finger food potluck. I stayed over Sunday night and got up early Monday morning to head down to my folks house in Chandler, AZ.  I was on the road by 6:30 AM and to my folks by 8 AM.  Which was a good thing because the temp was already approaching 90 degrees.  I had hoped that I would beat the heat by doing this trip at this time of the year, but the Lord decided to send record high temperatures instead.  I am not yet sure what He’s trying to tell me but so far the weather situation has not been ideal for a month long motorcycle trip.  I have driven through severe thunderstorms right into high winds and then into a record breaking heat wave.  I need to add here that I am not complaining, just reporting. (Really!)

It was an awesome ride down the mountain into the valley and all went well until I got to my folks.  Dad moved the golf cart out of the garage so that I could park the bike inside but when I went to start it, all it would do is make a loud click.  Also, the little check engine light kept coming on during the trip down.  I waited a while and tried starting it several times and was about to give up when it decided to start.  I called the nearest Harley dealership and brought it in to get it checked out.  Right now I am waiting for a call to find out if they found the problem.  I should add that when I drove it down, it started right up and the little engine light never lit up.  (Typical right?) When I took it down it was 104 degrees out and that business about it being a dry heat is true, but it is still HOT! HOT! HOT!

As far as my sabbatical is concerned, a main outcome is that one should feel rested.  Well I have to admit that for most of the trip, I really haven’t been feeling much rest.  With the travel, and the weather, the time change and everything else it seems that rest has eluded me.  Physically I am tired and it wasn’t until yesterday that I was beginning to feel rested spiritually.  I don’t know what God has in store for me today but I do know that whether it be blessings or trouble I will give Him thanks.  Each day that I am able to arise and walk in His light, I will “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for” me.

God loves you and so do I, Dana

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