God and Me on a Harley

The First Three Days

I was planning on blogging everyday of my trip but just like everything else in life nothing ever seems to go the way you think it should.  I had a last minute doctor’s appointment on Tuesday so I didn’t hit the road until 11 AM.  The trip started out pretty well.  It stopped raining when I left and for most of the trip, it was very pleasant and uneventful. That is until I was on my way to Ottumwa, Ia.  About 15 miles out, a major thunderstorm hit and I got drenched.  By the time I made it to Ottumwa, it was raining so hard (mixed with hail) that I had trouble seeing the road.  There were sections of the road that were under a foot of water.  The upside is that I finally found a motel, got settled in and most of my gear was dried out by the morning.

The next day started out great.  It had stopped raining and I hit the road at 8 AM.  I didn’t get wet at all but was fighting high winds most of the way.  I had stopped at the Harley dealer in Junction City, KS to get some oil and the guys there told me that I was driving into some severe thunderstorms.  I made it to Salina, KS, got checked into a motel, got supper at Subway (my first meal on the trip) and the storm hit.  It rained hard for a couple of hours and we had winds up to 70 mph.  Was I ever glad I didn’t try to go any farther.

It was still raining some when I got up this morning.  I waited until 9 AM and then decided to just leave.  It was supposed to be clearing in the direction I was going, and it did.  The ride this morning was awesome.  The best so far of the trip.  It was cool, but not too cool.  The roads were good and that part of Kansas is pretty awesome.  Things went well until I turned south out of Dodge City.  The winds were even worse than what I experienced yesterday.  And in that part of the world, it is miles and miles and miles and miles of nothing.  I made it to Santa Rosa, NM and plan on getting up and hitting the road early to get ahead of the heat and to keep the sun at may back for as much of the trip tomorrow as possible.  OK, well that’s enough of the travelogue.  My prayer is that as I go I will have some spiritual insights to share with y’all.

God Loves You and So Do I, Dana

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